It was during the first week of my summer vacation that I first saw the blue eyed one month old black puppy. ’Chickoo’ was his name. It was a common name kept for all the late dogs in my uncle’s house(which was right beside mine). In the beginning he knew no one but me, because I used to literally carry him like a baby from one house to the other.

Two weeks later, we were strictly trying to potty train him, to not pee inside the house. By now he had learned climb those tiny steps to the entrance of the house, which were as big as he was.

That day was just a normal morning when he refused to pee outside. Now uncle got pissed and he shut the door while the pup stayed out. A minute later, faint cries were heard. Uncle ran for the door only to find chickoo being held by three stray dogs.

At around 8 in the morning, I walked down to my uncle’s place as a usual routine. I was shocked to see chickoo in the dining room unable to move, moaning faintly with his tiny eyes closed. He had been bitten and severely scratched in that one minute those bitches got. They had bit him on the neck and his cute furry body was filled pink marks.

He screamed every 5 minutes in horror with his eyes closed as he struggled as though to free the clutch. I stroked his back not knowing if it bought comfort or more pain.

When I returned in the afternoon to see if he got any better, I was told that he had died a while ago and our panikaran(the servant) had buried him elsewhere. “But, but I wanted to see him for the last time.” I felt a tiny drop of salty water fall from my eye. It rained hard that day. On asking the panikaran I found that he was dropped in the canal, the waterless over moss grown aqueduct. Just dropped!!??!! Everybody there(back in India)  was used to the dying of dogs and their disrespectful burial, but I wanted him to have a decent funeral. It rained hard till the next noon. As soon as it stopped I started for the canal on my bicycle, I cycled through a large length but my search was in vain. He wasn’t there anywhere.

I did the same for about a week and by then I lost all hopes of at least seeing a bit of him.

In life we may lose people who with the least importance had a big part in our lives. We should learn to appreciate them and pay respect for them. This article is dedicated to ‘Chickoo’- the cutest pup I have ever known.

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